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About the Program

MD Program Features

1. Abundant research and solid teaching staff
The education provided will exploit the full potential of Tohoku University’s materials science division, one of the most advanced in the world.

2. Three types of internships
In addition to international and corporate internships, the MD Program will also provide internal program internships where students can experience a different research culture in Tohoku University.

3. A two-pronged approach
Students will learn how to analyze problems and develop solutions by studying not one, but two, specific areas of interest.

4. The industry-academic collaboration infrastructure
The student’s academic advisors will cooperate with relevant corporations to train students and provide a sound understanding of organization management.

Program Student Requirements, Completion Requirements, and Benefits

1. Student selection
In addition to passing the graduate school Master’s degree program entrance examination for the relevant department indicated below, MD
Program students will be selected by passing the selection criteria implemented by the MD Program (conducted in March and September of each year).

–MD Program Participating Graduate Schools—

Graduate Schools Departments
Arts and Letters Human Studies (April 2019~ Integrated Human Sciences)
Science Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Astronomy
Engineering Metallurgy, Materials Science, Material Processing, Applied Chemistry, Mechanical System and Design, Electronic Engineering, Applied Physics
Information Sciences System Information Sciences
Environmental Studies Frontier Science for Advanced Environment, Environmental Studies for Advanced Society
Pharmaceutical Sciences Molecular Pharmaceutical Science

2. Program completion outline
A student will be deemed to have completed the program when the following have been attained: the required number of credits has been reached, the internship has been completed, the required MD courses have been completed (Master’s program: 38 credits; Doctor’s program: 22 credits); the Master’s and Doctor’s examinations have been successfully completed; and the final qualifying examination has been successfully completed (QE2). Note that in order to advance from the Master’s program to the Doctor’s program, a student must pass the first qualifying examination (QE1).

3. Degree received
On the Doctor’s diploma  the student receives, it will be indicated that they have completed the Interdepartmental Doctoral Degree Program for Multi-dimensional Materials Science Leaders.

4. Monetary bonus
In order to ensure students can use their time solely for their studies, students accepted into the MD Program will be provided with a monthly scholarship of between 100 thousand yen to 240 thousand yen for up to five years, depending on their academic year and scholastic performance.