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Q. Can I join and start MD program from fall semester?
A.  Yes.  We plan to accept a few students who start in fall.
Please find MD program’s application process at “Program Application”

Q. I want to obtain an academic position after I finish Doctoral Degree Program.
Can I apply to MD program?
A. No. MD program is designed for a student who has strong willingness to find a job in industry after he/she complete the program.

Q. Can I receive MD program’s grant while receiving other grants and/or scholarship?
A.  No.  MD program’s grant is NOT provided for a recipient of other grants or scholarships.

Q. I’m a doctoral program’s student, who already completed master’s program.
Can I Join to MD program?
A.  No. MD program is specially-designed as 5 years educational program. So, we only accept applications from 1 st or 2nd year of master course students who is able to complete MD program’s required curriculum in 4 or 5 years.

Q. Can I apply to Tohoku University’s  Two Leading Doctoral Degree Program (MD program and G-safety)?
A.  It is not intended for applying for both program because MD program and G-safety are differences in academic field.

Please contact md-inquiry◎ for further inquiries about MD Program.
*Please change “◎ “to “@” for sending an email.